We can establish your church corporation or ministry corporation in any state.

As part of this process, we prepare articles of incorporation in accordance with applicable state and federal law, file the articles with the state, prepare bylaws to your liking, obtain the new corporation’s federal employer identification number, prepare the minutes for the first meeting of the corporation’s board, and provide you with a corporate book and seal and a summary of the laws effecting churches and ministries.

Why should a church or ministry incorporate?

Churches and ministries should be established as non-profit corporations for a number of reasons.
First, incorporating a church or ministry establishes a liability shield, whereby the directors and officers of the corporation are (typically) protected against liability for accidents occurring at the church or during church or ministry functions.

Second, a corporation is not limited in its lifespan. A corporation can continue to exist legally, even though its pastor, officers, or board members may change.

A Third important reason for incorporation is that unincorporated entities (especially unincorporated ministries) are usually not legally allowed to accept tax deductible donations. Churches and ministries which are properly formed as non-profit corporations are permitted to receive deductible donations as soon as they are formed.

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